Go beyond arguments about content to find an approach that works for everyone

Discover why stakeholders resist your recommendations, learn how to reframe their objections as requirements, and invent solutions that satisfy everyone.

What would it take to collaborate on content in a way that satisfies all of your stakeholders?

As content professionals, we know how to create content that meets user needs. We have evidence to prove it, from neuroscience to analytics to lab research. But our stakeholders often see things differently. They resist our recommendations with opinions and anecdotes, insist on using jargon and legalese, appeal to emotion, or offer reasons that seem to be motivated by politics. So we try to get them to “buy-in” to our methods by presenting more data and more evidence. We argue our case in the hope of convincing them to follow our advice. It rarely works.

It’s time to stop arguing. We can’t force people to see our perspective. But we do have a choice. This webinar shares collaboration techniques to understand stakeholders’ positions, to find out why they object to our advice. This isn’t compromise. We’re not giving up our values, we’re putting them into practice by finding solutions that work for everyone.

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This webinar is for content professionals who:

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From this webinar you’ll learn:

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Jonathan Kahn organises agile content conf (30–31 January 2017, London) where you can learn to go beyond arguments about content and find an approach that works for everyone. The conference features collaboration case studies from Facebook, American Express, and GOV.UK as well as practical workshop sessions. Jonathan also organises the London Agile Content Meetup and is @lucidplot on twitter.

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