Going agile to improve content effectiveness

Why content design and agile are so connected and how to set up agile approaches – even in a non-agile environment.

In a digital world, you need to be agile if you want to meet user needs effectively. But many organisations still take what is basically a print-based approach when it comes to their digital content.

In this webinar recording, Padma Gillen looks at how to build the organisational mindset needed to allow content professionals to ‘be all that they can be’. That means going agile, devouring data and ensuring a workflow that can handle regular changes to live content.

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Who is the recording for?

This webinar recording is for content professionals, their managers and their managers’ managers.

What will I learn?

By the end of this webinar recording, you’ll understand:

About the presenter

Padma Gillen is a digital content consultant. He uses his expertise in content design management and agile content production to help organisations create quality content and maximise the effectiveness of their content teams.

He also advises organisations on how to set up and deliver successful web content projects, coaches them through the process, and provides content design teams to make it happen. He is currently helping the University of Southampton shape and deliver their content-led digital transformation project, OneWeb.

Previously, Padma was Head of Content Design at the Government Digital Service (GDS). He had overall responsibility for the quality of content on GOV.UK, the award-winning website of the UK Government.

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