How to create a content brief for any occasion

Establish a shared understanding to avoid misinterpretation, wasted effort and wasted budget.

When you’re asked to create a piece of content, do you feel well-equipped to be able to carry out the task? Or maybe you’re responsible for a piece of content but you’re not the creator, how do you communicate your vision to the ones who will bring it to life?

Alas, since the beginning of time, writers, artists and other creatives have relied on telepathy, hearsay and osmosis to carry out commissions, sometimes with unfortunate results. Let’s not do that.

The aim of the game is to avoid misinterpretation, wasted effort, wasted budget and prevent your project grinding to a halt. Working as a team to construct a clear content brief can help you establish shared understanding and fill the room with inspiration before you start.

In this webinar recording, Ellen de Vries shares a box of colourful building blocks to help you construct a clear content brief for a variety of content types.

Who is the webinar recording for?

In any case, you’re the kind of person who is looking for clarity in the early stages of the content creation process, whether the content is to be created by you, or by someone else.

What you’ll learn

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About the presenter

Ellen de Vries is a content strategist at Clearleft, a strategic design consultancy based in Brighton, UK. In her time at Clearleft she’s been working closely with in-house teams at major brands such as Virgin Atlantic and Penguin Random House to develop their content practices in creative and strategic ways.

Before that, Ellen ran her own content agency for almost 10 years, working closely with teams of writing specialists of every kind; from UX writing visionaries, to brand language magicians, to hawk-eyed proofreaders.

She has a particular passion for bringing teams together from different walks of life to develop a shared language and collaborate efficiently, which then manifests in an organisation’s ability to publish rich, compelling copy and content.

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This webinar was organised in partnership with The Copywriting Conference, hosted by ProCopywriters, the alliance of commercial writers. The Copywriting Conference is one day of learning and inspiration dedicated to hard-working words. Registration is open now.

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