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How to get the writing done

There’s more to writing than writing. Learn how smart teams get the writing done.

From product documentation to menu labels to onboarding flows, writing for apps and the web can feel challenging—even insurmountable. But it doesn’t have to be that way: let’s learn how to get the writing done.

There’s lots of great advice out there on WHAT to write for the web. We know to talk about benefits instead of features, to use plain language instead of business jargon, and to create documents that are easy to scan and understand.

But HOW, exactly, do we do that? How do we explain to other people how to do it? What steps does it actually take to get the writing done? In this webinar recording, Scott will talk about the importance of workflow to getting your writing work done, and share his four-part framework for doing exactly that.

Who is the webinar recording for?

This is for anyone whose team struggles to get the writing done as effectively and efficiently as they’d like on web and interactive design projects.

What will I learn?

From this recording, you’ll learn:

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About the presenter

Scott Kubie is a designer and digital strategist from Minneapolis, where he works as lead content strategist at Brain Traffic. His first bit of published writing was a fan letter in the LEGO catalog. Scott can be found online at kubie.co and in person at various grungy rock clubs around the Twin Cities. Since 2010, Scott has delivered over sixty public talks and workshops on writing, content strategy, and user experience design for audiences of designers, developers, marketers, artists, makers, and more. He loves a good framework and finding ways to make esoteric design topics a bit more practical.

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