How your website strategy can meet University goals while maintaining focus on a core audience

Actionable steps for identifying and writing for your target audience both now and for the future.

Universities around the world all face the task of recruiting a new class of students every year. Regardless of how many students fill up a CRM, you’ll never know the names, emails, or interests for the vast majority of true prospective students. They quietly browse your websites looking for answers. If they can’t find them, they likely move on. By taking a strategic direction on your University website, you can help lead prospective students to answers and ultimately start a personal conversation with them.

In this real-world session, we explore how one midwestern University with a threat of declining enrolment addressed, an ageing website, and confusing user experiences by combining websites and creating a true prospective student focus. The end result was a new website architecture, user flow, and increased application numbers.

Who is the webinar recording for?

This recording is for anyone in higher-ed marketing, communications, admissions, website management, and design. From the boots on the ground to the administrative offices, there is something for you to learn.

What will I learn?

By the end of this webinar recording, you’ll be able to:

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About the presenter

Zach Parcell is the Content Strategy and User Experience Manager for Illinois State University. He’s been with ISU since 2013. With over ten years of experience, his focus has been on providing the best user experience possible for Illinois State’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and any future Redbirds. Leading a team of talented writers while working alongside incredible developers and designers, Zach has played an important role in the current and future state of the University’s web presence.

Additionally, after creating the largest independent disc golf website (yes, no joke), Zach also works as the Content Manager for the fastest growing company in the disc golf industry.

His background in broadcasting, and working in marketing and PR for a leading technology company, helped him get started with user experience and content creation for websites of all types.

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