Turning user stories into content

Practical advice for those producing and managing website content, from the author of Content Design.

When you have been through the process of writing user stories, you then need to turn them into content. But how do you know when to put more than one story on a page? How do you know what that page should be?

Sarah Richards, creator of the discipline Content Design used at (Government Digital Service (GDS) and now around the world, takes us through the process of going from a small card with the titles: as a, I want to, so that, to a section of content for a website.

Who is the webinar recording for?

Anyone who is new to agile content methods and who would like to learn more. Whether a content strategist, copywriter, UX professional or anyone else producing and managing content on digital projects, this recording is for you.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to:

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About the presenter

Sarah spent 10 years working in digital government, ending as Head of Content Design for the UK Government Digital Service. There she created and developed content design as a discipline for the GOV.UK website. Sarah now runs the Content Design Centre, training and consulting in content strategy and content design for organisations around the world.

Sarah is also author of Content Design, a short, lively and practical book that uses real-world examples and imagined examples to take the reader through the content design process one step at a time, explaining everything along the way.

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