How to conduct a content audit

Everything you need to audit your content and extract meaningful insights.

A content audit is there to help paint a clearer picture of what content exists right now so that you can plan your future content strategy more effectively. The practical advice in this presentation will ensure that you know what kind of information you want to present at the end of your audit, and have an idea of what kind of positive change you want to help make as a result of your content auditing efforts.

Who is the webinar for?

Anyone who works with content, whether as an in-house team or an agency working with clients on their projects. If you are new to content audits then this presentation will get you going in no time. If you have some experience of conducting audits then it will offer a nice refresher to keep you on track.

What will I learn?

Watch the recording

About the presenter

Paula Land

Paula Land divides her time between being a content strategy consultant and a technology entrepreneur. As founder and Principal Consultant at Strategic Content, she develops content strategies and implementation plans for private clients ranging from nonprofits to large technology companies as well as partnering with other agencies on large-scale projects. As co-founder of Content Insight, she is the impetus behind the development of CAT, the Content Analysis Tool, which creates automated content inventories.

Paula is also the author of Content Audits and Inventories: A Handbook (2014, XML Press).

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