How to implement content strategy on agency projects

Everything you need to take a content focused approach to client website redesign projects.

If you’ve had enough of clients who don’t understand the importance of thinking content-first and aren’t willing to hire you to help them, then this webinar is for you. Jeff Eaton walks through two case-studies and explains how he goes about successfully implementing content strategy services at his agency.

Who is the webinar for?

This webinar is for the content people, project managers and even designers who work at an agency. Whether you are already offering content strategy services, or are thinking about it, Jeff will shed light on approach and process. This webinar can be shared with your entire project team if you’re feeling any resistance to internal process changes.

What will I learn?

Watch the recording

About the presenter


Who is Jeff Eaton?

Glad you asked. Jeff brings more than two decades of experience in publishing, enterprise infrastructure, and web development. He’s built e-commerce sites for florists, enterprise web systems for multinational corporations, and supply-chain automation tools for billion-dollar industries. At Lullabot, he’s designed and implemented large-scale web platforms for clients including Sony/BMG Music, Fast Company and Inc. Magazine, World Wrestling Entertainment, Verizon Wireless, Harvard University, and more.

When he’s not writing or speaking about multichannel publishing, structured content, and the business value of streamlined editorial workflow, Jeff hosts the Insert Content Here content strategy podcast. In the Drupal world, he’s best known as a co-author of O’Reilly Media’s Using Drupal; author of the popular Voting API, EVA, and Token projects as well as dozens of other plugin modules; the primary developer of Drupal’s core TokenAPI and a co-developer of FormAPI; and member of the content advisory committee for

All-in-all, a well rounded chap.

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