How a digital agency uses GatherContent to get its clients focused on content as early as possible

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Founded in 2000, Delete is an award winning digital creative agency based in London, Leeds and Munich. Their clients include Expedia, Southampton FC, Carluccio’s, Red Bull, Leeds Beckett University. Delete have been using GatherContent as part of their content-first approach to website projects. We spoke to their content strategist, Mat Murray, to discover the main areas of success they’ve had with GatherContent:

Keen to learn more about how integral GatherContent has become to Delete’s process, and how it helps them collaborate with clients, we settled down for a chat with Mat to find out more.

GatherContent as a key component in a content-first strategy

Delete uses GatherContent for every one of its client projects. Led by Content Strategist, Mat Murray, the agency’s process has put content in the spotlight for the last few years and GatherContent has been a key component in that strategy.

In fact, GatherContent is referred to in pitch documents, proposals and presentations. This ensures that the client understands the importance of content for their project and it gets them thinking about it from the very beginning of the project. It also means the client thinks differently about content, in a good way.

No more headaches caused by Word Docs

Mat admits that receiving images in zip files and copy in nicely formatted documents was a rarity. Instead they would receive images in Word files and text amends in PowerPoint presentations. Content organisation was proving to be a bit of a headache.

“Prior to using GatherContent, content organisation was proving to be a bit of a headache.”

As well as helping them think about content earlier in the project process, Delete wanted a platform that would let them quickly build site structures and page templates that supported everything from smaller campaign microsites to large scale, enterprise websites.

“When we imported all of the content from GatherContent straight into the CMS, the client thought it was magic.”

Mat Murray Content Manager

Using GatherContent to help clients deliver content on time

A recurring pattern was that clients wanted to see creative concepts or user experience prototypes early on, without even thinking about the messages they want to convey or the content they’d use to speak to their customers.

An initial discovery workshop is used to not only learn about the business and its customers, but to show them how important good content is.

“The site structure and templates are built in GatherContent and then clients are trained so they understand what they need to do to deliver content on time.”

Once a sitemap has been agreed, Mat builds out the templates and structure and then facilitates a one hour training session with the clients via a shared screen or on site meeting. This brings them up to speed on what GatherContent is, how it works and what they need to do to deliver their content on time.

Encouraging content collaboration in GatherContent

It also means that clients can log in and collaborate with Mat and his team, so they feel a lot more empowered and involved within the project. He noticed that even the simple act of adding a comment to a page template was really powerful. It gives clients ownership in a way that they haven’t been able to experience before.

“GatherContent has changed how we work and it’s helped our clients work better, smarter and more efficiently, helping them produce better content in the process.”

Mat Murray Content Manager

GatherContent helps deliver projects on time and budget

Mat admitted that dealing with content in the past was a major headache, but GatherContent allows clients to see the complete picture. It also allows their project managers to plan and manage budgets and resources much more effectively, mitigating risk in the large scale projects and helping them to be a more profitable agency as a result.

About the Author

Content Strategist, GatherContent

Rob is Content Strategist at GatherContent. He is a journalism graduate and has previously worked as Studio Manager and Head of Content for a design agency and as an Audience Research Executive for the BBC. He’s a published author and regular contributor to industry publications including Net Magazine, Smashing Magazine, 24 Ways, WebTuts+, UX Matters , UX Booth and Content Marketing Institute. On occasion Rob speaks about content strategy at leading industry events.

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