How an inbound marketing agency use GatherContent to publish to HubSpot

by , Marketing Manager, GatherContent

Founded in 2009 with a team of over 30 certified marketing professionals, IMPACT is an inbound marketing agency that helps people and their organisations succeed. As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, they use Hubspot as their publishing platform. We spoke to their Account Strategist, Katie Pritchard, to discover the main areas of success they’ve had with GatherContent:

Agreeing the structure and SEO requirements

Katie, the Account Strategist, and Joe, the Creative Supervisor, work together to formulate a sitemap and define the buyer journeys. This helps Joe understand how many templates will be needed on the design side and also allows them to work with the client to sign-off the structure in order to build the site structure in GatherContent.

They also include two tabs in GatherContent to help bridge the gap between the old and the new content. The first tab contains all of the new content, structured in a way that matches the wireframes and sitemap. The second tab contains all of the old content so they can compare and contrast quickly, as needed.

“Tabs are used in GatherContent to help bridge the gap between the old and new content. They can compare and contrast quickly, as needed.”

Using GatherContent as a storage repository means they can also include meta descriptions from the original content and the page URLs. This helps them when building the new site in terms of planning for SEO, without having to try and find what they need on the old site.

“Before GatherContent we used separate Google docs or Word docs, all via email. It was a huge issue because the content never lived in one location.”

Katie Pritchard Account Strategist

Structured content to guide clients during production

The clients are the experts of their business so they know the content better in the sense of what the messaging needs to be and how they need to sound. IMPACT works with their clients on generating personas and also on breaking up the content and organising it better so it is web friendly and more readable. Structuring the pages in GatherContent at the start means that the client can always refer back to what they need to produce and how they need to produce it.

“Structuring the pages in GatherContent at the start means that the client can always refer back to what they need to produce and how they need to produce it.”

Once 90% of the content is in GatherContent they move to wireframing, these are passed to the client so they have a content roadmap. Then they finalise the last 10% of content in parallel to the design phase.

Helping designers migrate content into their designs

All chunks of content are broken up in GatherContent such as testimonials, product intros, biographies and so on. This means the designers can see how things will fit into the page. Then they take content from GatherContent and migrate this into their design. That way, they are always designing with real content and that gives context to everything the client sees.

“Customers know their business best. We worry about the technical side and structure so they can focus on delivering the words in the format we need and when we need them. That’s where GatherContent comes into its own.”

Joe Rinaldi Creative Supervisor

Publishing content GatherContent to HubSpot

Once content has been approved for publishing they can then add it to HubSpot. If any small amends need to be made then they will happen directly in the CMS. Any new pages will be developed using the workflow in GatherContent.

As more clients turn to blogging and ongoing content production, GatherContent will be used to build out the templates for the article types and content can be drafted and collaborated on within GatherContent, before being published to HubSpot.

About the Author

Marketing Manager, GatherContent

Becky is a Marketing Manager at GatherContent. She is a business studies graduate and has previously worked in digital marketing roles in both London and Aberdeen based agencies.

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