How to Perform a Content Audit

Paula Land (founder and principal content strategist at Strategic Content) covered a lot of material in her webinar “How to Perform a Content Audit”. Here’s a video recording of the session, and a few key takeaway points.

Why should I perform a content audit?

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Download our worksheet: How to Perform a Content Audit

What do I need to audit?

What should I be gathering information on?

How should I present my findings?

Paula’s point on gearing your insights towards certain business goals was an important one. After all, a content audit is there to help paint a clearer picture of what content exists right now so that you can plan your future content strategy more effectively.

 Focus on striking the balance between:

Know what kind of information you want to present at the end of your audit, and have an idea of what kind of positive change you want to help make as a result of your content auditing efforts.

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