Slack, webhooks and batched emails: Improvements to how you manage content operations in GatherContent

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We've rebuilt and redesigned how you use notifications to manage your content operations inside GatherContent! We've reduced the frequency of emails you get, and made it easier to keep track of the progress of your content. You can also integrate with Slack, or use webhooks to see your status updates in any tool.

Integrate with Slack

Keep track of your project's progress inside Slack. See every status update in a channel in Slack.

You can now set up a channel within Slack to keep an eye on every status update from a project. Use this to easily keep up to date on your content's progress, or invite your team to get everyone on the same page.This means that you don't have to assign yourself to every item in GatherContent, so you can take a step back and see an overview of your content delivery process.

Slack updates showing the GatherContent item status changing
We use the GatherContent Slack integration to help manage the content operations of our help centre.

Use Slack to:

  • Set up a separate channel for each client or department
  • Manage your entire organisation's content approval process from one place
  • Notify every member of your team, without filling up their inbox

Integrate with Slack →We'll be adding more functionality to the Slack integration in the future. Let us know what you want to see next.

Take control of your inbox

Grouped notifications, so you can quickly see what's important to you

We now wait for 10 minutes before sending email notifications.

A screenshot of the email notifications that GatherContent sends, notifying the user of some comment notifications.
Email notifications are batched, to let your inbox breathe easy.

We group these notifications into batches so that we don't fill your inbox up. This puts all updates about an item in one place, so it's easier to understand what's happening, rather than spreading the updates across multiple emails. Learn how we group these emails →Next up we'll be rolling out an in-app notification centre 🙌

Push your status updates anywhere

We've made the same webhooks that power the Slack integration available publicly. This means that you can integrate these status update notifications with any tool you want. Set up webhooks →Let us know if you build something with these webhooks, we'd love to hear about it!


Content Operations: The Guide

How to build a scalable and repeatable process for producing effective content.

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