Why we’re so excited about our new content editor!

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Last week we proudly launched our new content editor. The content editor is the heart of our product, where our customers spend the most time with us. It’s relaunch was the culmination of 18 months hard work to completely rebuild the editor from the ground up, alongside a sleek new design.

What's changed?

The 6 biggest changes:

1. Decluttered design. Across the content editor our new clear interface gives you and your team more room to focus on what matters: the content.

2. Real-time collaboration! This is the most significant feature update we’ve made. Just like Google Docs (but with our ability to control structure) now multiple people can edit, write or comment on content, at the same time.

3. Build content templates faster. With an 100x performance increase, simply drag and drop the components you need to build templates faster than ever before.

4. Keep up to date with notifications. Notifications are now grouped so you can get a digest of your account activity and avoid your inbox filling up with every little change. Or with our new integration you can now push notifications to your Slack channels.

5. Mark workflow as complete. Workflow status’ let your team know whether where content is at in production. You can now mark a workflow status as ‘complete’ to clear up any confusion about what needs to happen next.

6. Comment on any field. Feedback is crucial to getting content approved and we’ve now made it possible to comment on all field types including text and asset field types.

Alongside these updates, you can now:

  • @ people and groups in comments
  • Use advanced keyboard shortcuts
  • See the status of an item and who worked on it
  • View in-line word and character count
  • Export clean content (pure HTML, with all the junk stripped)
  • Create templates with 100s of fields and thousands of words
  • Copy HTML directly from text fields, or the whole item
  • View full comment history
  • See an audit trail of of who changed a status and when
  • Deliver multiple formats of content via our API
  • Access new API functionality, including webhooks
  • Receive free online training for your team

Bringing together essential components required for effective Content Operations

Content operations (ContentOps) is the combination of people, processes and tools that are required to produce and deliver content. Every organisation has some form of this. They have some people or a person, some sort of process and some tools that they use to produce and publish content. But what we've noticed over the years is that so many organisations are not going about this very consciously. They're not deliberately trying to improve the way they do this and they're relying on a sort of patchwork of spreadsheets, Google Docs, emails, project management tools or their content management systems to do this. It makes this harder than it needs to be and it's messy, resulting in ineffective content being produced.

We’ve poured research, feedback, prototyping, testing, heart and soul into the last 18 months to rebuild our content editor. Bringing together three essential components that we believe you need for effective content operations: collaboration, structured content and workflow.

Real-time collaboration has now come to GatherContent which we believe will help break down silos by literally getting everyone on the same page and providing a single truth for content in your organisation. Structured content is supported in our new editor with a faster template builder allowing you to define what content you need and speed up reviewing times with embedded style and content guidelines. Finally, our workflow UX has had an upgrade making it clear what stage content is at and what needs to happen next.

Doing what Slack did for instant chat, for ContentOps

Instant chat has been around for decades but Slack came along and they’ve given it a new lease of life, turning it into an insanely valuable experience (GatherContent wouldn’t be the same without it!). We’re on a mission to do this for ContentOps and our new editor is just the first step.

We wanted to enable people that are in the trenches of this discipline with a tool that allows them to discard the mishmash of the old way (the Word Docs, the emails, the spreadsheets…). We believe we’ve created a place for people to feel comfortable spending time thinking about content in a more structural way, in line with multichannel content production. Finally giving content the respect it deserves by giving content people a tool to support large scale effective content production.

We’re really looking to build a community around what we're doing. So GatherContent isn't just about the product that we build, it's about enabling people who do work in content to level themselves up, so that we're living in a world where it's much easier for people find and consume whatever content it is they need or want.

Meet your new content editor: a run through of all the new features

This webinar recording, hosted by Angus our Product Director, gives you an overview of why we've built the new content editor. You can see all the new features we've shipped, and what's up next on our roadmap:

All trials started after June 2018 are running our new content editor. If you have an existing account and haven't yet upgraded, please feel free to request your free upgrade through our lovely support team - just hit the blue bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen to start a conversation.If you don't have an account with us yet, why not take advantage of our free 30 day trial and play around with the new editor.The launch of our new content editor means a lot to us and we're really excited to see how teams use it to produce effective content together.


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