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Content Production

Creating quality content and measuring its effectiveness

Levi Olmstead • 5 minutes

There are many benefits to investing in content, not least, targeting your audience effectively, improving the quality of your content and ensuring your content helps you achieve business goals.

Most of us have heard about content marketing’s potential. But when you consider the benefits and how to correctly measure content marketing efforts, things might seem a bit murky.

So let’s clear this up right now.

In this article, we’ll cover how to write quality content and the major benefits that comes from it when done well. Then we’ll discuss the key metrics you should be focusing on to measure the impact.

Why quality content is invaluable

A staggering 60 percent of marketers are creating content every day to attract more business. Blog posts, podcasts, and videos are being churned out at an unimaginable pace.

While audiences already feel overwhelmed, the difference lies in quality. Content creators who publish something more relevant, useful and purposeful than competitors earn the attention of their audience– and grow their businesses for years to come.

Here are some of the most important ways quality content helps you:

“Evergreen” topics

Quality content doesn’t just go out of fashion next month. It’s as useful a year or two from now as it is today.

Quality content is the best piece of content available on a topic. It looks at a topic from a new angle and provides insight only a thought-leader can provider. It is formatted correctly, is readable and is written with its audience in mind. It also covers “evergreen” topics.

This means the benefits compound with time. You do the work once, then attract more business for the foreseeable future as the content is shared and rises in search engine rankings. Your business is positioned for sustainable growth – unlike paid marketing campaigns, which might be effective over the short-term, but require more investment in the future.

Builds thought leadership and credibility

Audiences online are desperate for information produced by people they trust. One of the best ways to earn this trust is by producing quality content.

For one, quality content gives you the opportunity to show you really do know your stuff – while you’re helping give audiences the information they need. Do this long enough, and you’ll find yourself a thought leader in your industry. Imagine being able to generate business through your reputation alone!

A great example that comes to my mind is the SEO all-in-one tool Ahrefs. The brand churns out multiple long-form content pieces a week over topics such as backlink building programs, keyword research and SEO guides, many of which rank at the top of Google’s SERP for those valuable, sought-after terms.

The ability to be repurposed

Quality content is also meaty enough to be re-purposed in multiple ways. You could record a podcast or create a case study, for example, and post the transcript as a blog post. Collections of blog posts could become eBooks. You could also pull some of the juiciest quotes from the podcast and share them on social media.

The idea is simple: do the heavy-lifting part once, do it well and get the most attention from it as possible. From there, you can repurpose that content with much less work than it takes to create a brand new piece of content.

It’s one of the best ways to reach wider audiences across different media channels.

Drives more traffic, leads, and conversions online

Your website is the virtual storefront of your business. Quality content is like shiny objects in the display windows. It gets people to slow down, stick around and find out more.

Search engines reward quality content with higher rankings. This means you’ll see increased traffic to your website over time. Once visitors engage the content and see how awesome it is, a higher percentage of them will become leads and customers.

Gets more social shares and visibility

Quality content also motivates others to share it for you. Instead of desperately trying to find a larger audience, you can engage the community you already have and let them share your content throughout their networks.

Brands can leverage their community of brand advocates in channels such as social media and email newsletters. Those familiar with a brand are more likely to share its content, helping spread brand awareness.

Marketing teams should also look to optimise their content’s social media sharing cards before executing their publicity plans for new collateral. Make sure new content has the correct social media image size and meta-text populated. Having an eye-catching social media card can ultimately be the deciding factor in a piece finding social sharing success and failure.

Yields to earned media

If you produce great content regularly, other content creators and curators will notice. They’ll mention you on social media. Some will even link to you from their websites. You never know when you’ll catch the right influencer’s attention.

You work hard to create the content, then let the content work hard for you. Enjoy access to a lot more traffic and new audiences.

Measuring the impact

Now that you understand some of the biggest benefits of quality content, let’s talk about how to measure them. There’s no need for an intuitive approach with so much data available:


A major indicator of great content is increased website traffic. Sometimes you’ll see this in spikes (after something goes viral, for instance), but most of the time, it’s steady and gradual growth.

Traffic itself is an important metric, but not all traffic is the right traffic for a business. Great content is tailored to a specific audience type. For example, writing an introductory marketing article to an audience of CMOs and director level marketers would be inappropriate and ultimately hurt a brand.

However, each piece of quality content you create gives people another opportunity to find you. Some traffic will come from search engines, and others will hear about you from someone in their social networks.


Quality content attracts visitors to your website. It’s tempting to engage, share, and maybe even bookmark. When it really does its job, it intrigues the audience to come back.

Whether it’s the amount of people leaving comments on your blog posts, downloading other content, or joining your email list, quality content motivates visitors to identify themselves as leads. Which leaves you in a great position to nurture those leads to become buyers.


From a content marketing perspective, this is the end goal of quality content. Great content helps you all the way throughout the sales funnel. Great content educates buyers, creates a customer journey lifecycle and ultimately converts web traffic into customers.

It attracts more eyeballs to your website, but it also assures these visitors that you’re credible and provide valuable solutions.

SEO rank

Search engines reward quality content to give their users the best experience. This translates into higher SEO rankings for major keywords relevant to your business.

It takes time for your efforts to pay off, but look for a gradual upward trend. Once you can make it onto the first page (or even the top few spots), you’ll see a flood of organic traffic.

Site engagement

Quality content doesn’t just motivate more people to visit your website; it changes their behavior dramatically.

As visitors engage one piece of great content after another, expect your average page views and time spent on your website to increase. Bounce rates will taper off. Plenty of first-time visitors will find themselves back on your website again because they’ve bookmarked it or joined your email list.

A priceless investment

In a world where most businesses are using content marketing, quality makes all the difference. Now that you know what it can do for you and how to measure the impact, it’s time to get busy creating your own quality content and deciding on the tools and processes you need to measure the performance of that content. Tools such as GatherContent help enable teams to produce top-class content.

Creating quality content and measuring its effectiveness

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