Stop copying and pasting content into the CMS and automate instead

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Who knows how many web team hours have been lost to the tedious task that is copying and pasting content into a CMS. Usually hot on the heels of delayed web content, somebody is left frantically copying the content out of various documents and email trails into the new CMS in order to hit the launch date.Not only is the copy and paste process painfully time consuming, it breeds problems:

  • added time leads to budgets going over
  • text needs to be reformatted to remove unwanted HTML and stripping HTML out of a WYSIWYG editor is frankly, insane
  • human error leads to duplicated content or content being added to the wrong section

It’s also the kind of demoralising task that your team will want to avoid at all costs.

There's a better way

As well as using GatherContent to manage the production of website content (another beast we’ve tamed), when content is approved, you can export directly to your CMS. That’s right - no more copy and paste, no more unwanted HTML carryover - instead, more time back so your team can concentrate on what they are best at.

What CMSs are supported?

Our integrations team are always working on adding further connectors but for now you can publish and migrate content from GatherContent to:

Just around the corner you can also expect to see:

Even if your CMS isn't supported (yet), there's still a way

We also have a JSON API that will allow you to import and export content from anywhere to everywhere. Ask your developers to check out our API documentation to suss out how it can work for you.

So how does it work?

Our CMS connectors allow you to import content straight from your GatherContent projects to your CMS in a bulk action. You specify the mapping, defining which templates and fields should be imported and tie each field on your project Items to fields within your CMS - giving you a seamless migration from our tool to yours.Check out our connector pages to find out how it works for your CMS, download the connector and grab installation instructions.If you aren’t already using GatherContent for your website content production, join our next webinar to see how it works or start a free trial now and see for yourself! Of course if you have some integration specific questions, you can always reach out to our integrations team who will be happy to help.


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Becky is a Product Marketing Manager at GatherContent. She has 10+ years working in marketing executing affiliate, content, display, mobile, search and social campaigns for high profile clients across various sectors including Travel, Entertainment and Oil & Energy.

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