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Content Operations

The state of Higher Education digital environments

Robert Mills • 3 minutes

Outdated content, bloated websites, inconsistency between formats and channels, these are all bleak but common descriptions of higher education websites. Nobody sets out to create a digital environment that’s overcrowded, undermining the brand, or generally…

Content Operations

Anatomy of a content style guide – University of Dundee

A content style guide is an important part of any organisation’s content operations. Whilst they can’t alleviate every content-related challenge, or guarantee content will be delivered in the right style and format, they do provide…

Robert Mills • 10 minutes

Content Operations

How to make your digital transformation business case a reality in Higher Ed

In our recent webinar, Ayala Gordon, Head of Digital at University of Southampton, shared advice…
Robert Mills • 19 minutes
Content Strategy

Let processes guide you to great content governance

For the last four years, I’ve been helping content teams articulate the processes that they…
Blaine Kyllo • 5 minutes
Content Strategy

Implementing “Storytelling Ops” in Higher Education

One of the greatest things about working in higher education is that you are surrounded…
Georgy Cohen • 11 minutes
Content Operations

The state of ContentOps in Higher Education

If your institution publishes content, it has some form of content operations, or ContentOps. At…
Becky Taylor • 2 minutes

Using GatherContent to create a prospectus

Keele University was founded in 1962 and is number one in England for overall student satisfaction and…
Robert Mills • 5 minutes

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Content Strategy & Delivery

Kristina Halvorson

Anyone who struggles with content consistency and efficiency—and who doesn't?—will greatly benefit from this course. If you want to get smarter about content planning, creation and delivery, start here.

Kristina Halvorson

CEO & Founder, Brain Traffic

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Content Operations

Creating a collaborative and evidenced content style guide

Imagine an open wiki with universal guidelines for inclusive content style. Evidenced, and iteratively updated.…
Lizzie Bruce • 3 minutes
Content Operations

The coming of age of ContentOps

In our series of webinars around ContentOps we heard from Rahel Bailie about why organisations…
Robert Mills • 19 minutes
Content Operations

Take your content operations to the next level

In our recent series of ContentOps webinars, Colleen Jones, Head of Content at Mailchimp, shared…
Robert Mills • 17 minutes
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