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GatherContent vs. word processing tools

Adam Hawes • 4 minutes

Lots of people use word processing tools, like Word and Google Docs, to write content for their websites. ‘It’s familiar’ and ‘we’ve always used it’ are two common reasons for this. But familiarity and habit…

Content Production

Higher Education’s content conflict

Colleges and universities are special places. They bring students, educators, and researchers together. Alumni, parents, staff, and community members create deep relationships with these institutions. Relationships that can last a lifetime. It is no secret…

Ashley Budd • 2 minutes


Slack, webhooks and batched emails: Improvements to how you manage content operations in GatherContent

We’ve rebuilt and redesigned how you use notifications to manage your content operations inside GatherContent!…
Ben Hubbard • 2 minutes

10 ways to avoid content mishaps with your client

Content is the lifeblood of an effective and engaging website. But do you know how…
Jeff Doubek • 4 minutes
Content Production

​Pair writing on a tricky content project

Picture a Venn diagram of plain language advocates and MBA graduates. There is some common…
Megan Lane • 4 minutes
Content Process

Defining a workflow to deliver content at your institution

A content delivery workflow outlines each stage a content item needs to pass through from…
Robert Mills • 4 minutes
Content Production

Creating quality content and measuring its effectiveness

There are many benefits to investing in content, not least, targeting your audience effectively, improving…
Levi Olmstead • 5 minutes

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Content Strategy & Delivery

Kristina Halvorson

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Content Strategy

Personalised content: is it worth the effort?

You can learn everything you need to know about personalisation in one day: your birthday.…
Dana Rock • 3 minutes
Content Strategy

Creating influential content

Effective content creation relies on having actionable insights from user research. But then, I would…
Robert Perry • 3 minutes

Convince your clients to go content-first (and grow your agency in the process)

If websites are primarily a vehicle for content delivery, why do so many web projects…
Robert Mills • 3 minutes
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