Content Operations

Meet the author … with Padma Gillen

Robert Mills • 5 minutes

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our new book Lead with Content, we get to know the author, Padma Gillen. Our chat covers topics in the book, what he’s learnt across his career, his ideal…

Content Strategy

Encouraging self-service through improving content at the University of Edinburgh

At the University of Edinburgh we embarked on a two-year project to iteratively improve IT help web content. In an environment where people can be quick to jump to technical solutions, we showed how focusing…

Lauren Tormey • 3 minutes

Content Operations

Level up your content operations with structured content templates

Organisations are expected to deliver content for multiple channels, consistently. This puts pressure on production…
Robert Mills • 5 minutes
Content Operations

Organise your content team with clear roles and responsibilities

There are often lots of people involved in producing and delivering content. They have different…
Robert Mills • 5 minutes
Content Strategy

Designing with content: how using content patterns can help

Content patterns are blueprints made of words. If you have a lot of content items…
Lizzie Bruce • 6 minutes
Content Strategy

Getting tone of voice right in a rebrand: A cautionary tale

Do you know what ‘tone of voice’ is? Or what your organisation’s tone of voice…
Fi Shailes • 5 minutes
Content Operations

Anatomy of a content style guide – Mailchimp

Whenever I talk or write about content style guides, or when I read and listen…
Robert Mills • 11 minutes

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Content Strategy & Delivery

Kristina Halvorson

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Kristina Halvorson

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Content Strategy

Why meaningful content matters in Higher Education

With so much content being published every minute, how can you make sure your content…
Robert Mills • 20 minutes
Content Strategy

How to quickly and effectively scale your content teams

Over the last six years, I’ve grown a content team from seven to 50 individuals,…
Ashley Walton • 6 minutes

Behind the Scenes: A better way to organise content

We’re about to make a huge improvement to the way you can organise content in…
Becky Taylor • 6 minutes
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