Why digital governance is cool – Day 15

by , Content Strategist, GatherContent

This video is the fifteenth in our Content Strategy Advent Calendar series. Here, governance expert and author, Lisa Welchman, tells us why digital governance is cool. That’s right, cool.

Video transcript

Hey-ho. It’s Lisa Welchman. I’m here to tell you why digital governance is cool. Hopefully this will help you this advent season, I’m not sure why, but hopefully it will.

So the first reason why digital governance is cool, is because nobody really knows what it is, so you can sort of make up whatever you want. I’ve been doing that for maybe about twenty years and it seems to be going ok for me. So go out there, sort of do a funny dance, say digital governance and wave some things around, and you can say whatever you want.

Well, that’s not really true. Digital governance actually does have a definition. It’s in my book. Book, book, book. You don’t have to read it because all it means is figuring out a collaboration model for your team. One that makes you more agile. One that makes you all stop fighting with each other. You know those little fights about what’s on the homepage, what colour should this be, whether or not that should be responsive or this should be responsive, whether or not I.T. gets to pick the content management system or whether that should be marketing.

There’s a lot of things to fight about when it comes to digital and the organisation. So digital governance helps to smooth that out. That’s the first reason why digital governance is cool.

Second reason why digital governance is cool is because it’s sort of imbues you with mystical powers. Whoever walks around saying digital governance, turns into a magical unicorn and can make anyone in the organisation do whatever they want.

Ok, that’s not true either. What it does do is help you communicate better with people in your organisation, about shared goals and objectives. So you can strategise better together. And that makes a lot of sense because right now, when I work with digital teams, it seems like there’s a lot of fighting, there’s sort of a lot of, I don’t know, just bad feeling. People are always sort of pushing and pulling at each other and particularly during the holiday season, this is not the type of behaviour which I would like to see. Which leads me to the reason why digital governance is cool number three.

And that’s because, it makes everybody get along. I think that there’s enough stress in the world right now, I think that there’s enough stress at work, I think that we’re all really super lucky to be working in the digital space and it would be super cool if everybody could just get along and enjoy all the fun that we’ve had doing digital across the years.

So establishing good collaboration patterns for your team should make you feel good about going to work, or better about going to work. And that’s really good and why I think is all part of the holiday season. So thanks and I hope you have a great one. Bye.

About Lisa


For the past two decades, the leaders of global 1000 companies, NGOs, and other organisations have turned to Lisa to analyse and solve their digital governance challenges. Lisa also speaks globally on issues related to digital governance, the rise of the Information Age, and diversity in the digital technology sector. Lisa is the author of Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design published by Rosenfeld Media in 2015.

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Content Strategist, GatherContent

Rob is Content Strategist at GatherContent. He is a journalism graduate and has previously worked as Studio Manager and Head of Content for a design agency and as an Audience Research Executive for the BBC. He’s a published author and regular contributor to industry publications including Net Magazine, Smashing Magazine, 24 Ways, WebTuts+, UX Matters , UX Booth and Content Marketing Institute. On occasion Rob speaks about content strategy at leading industry events.

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