Making the case for a content operations platform

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Does this sound like your organisation?

  • “We want to improve our content (quality, consistency, processes…)”
  • “It takes too long to get content approved”
  • “Content is siloed between teams and not accessible”
  • “We rely on a manual spreadsheet to understand content status”
  • “We have to use different tools to create, review and approve content”
  • “Multiple people are involved between content ideation, authoring, reviewing and publishing”

If any of the above statements are familiar frustrations, then it’s time to consider a content operations platform. 

What is a content operations platform?

Content operations are the people, infrastructure and processes that are required to create content across an organisation. 

Diagram showing that content operations encompasses process, people and infrastructure

A content operations platform, like GatherContent, is the technology that facilitates this! 

How can GatherContent improve content operations?

Planning, organising and managing content is chaotic when there’s lots of content and people involved. GatherContent streamlines efforts with a cloud-based platform to manage the people, process and technology involved.

What you can expect when you use GatherContent:

  1. Content tasks managed from one central platform
  2. Clear visibility on the status of content
  3. Content created in the right structure, consistently
  4. Faster content reviews
  5. One source of truth for content

What is GatherContent?

Watch this video to see GatherContent in action and how the platform helps solves three common content creation problems: content everywhere; content in the wrong format; content confusion.

Jump in and explore GatherContent with a free 30-day trial or book a 1:1 demo with our team for a personalised walkthrough.

Convince your boss!

For the team in the trenches producing and managing content, a platform built to ease processes is a no brainer. But how do you convince your stakeholders (who may never touch content creation) to replace the status quo with a new way of working?

When you don’t hold the purse strings, and those that do aren’t close to the frustrations of the current way - you need to talk about ROI. Follow these steps to build your business case: 

Calculate how long it takes to create content in your organisation

Use our Content Cost Calculator template which will help you:

  • Calculate how many content items you produce
  • Calculate how long it takes to create each piece of content from brief through to publishing
  • Calculate the financial cost of hours required
  • Estimate time and cost savings by implementing GatherContent for your content operations

Attendees to our most recent Content Delivery masterclass reported that using traditional content creation processes to produce content for a single web page was a massive 30.1 hours! Content effort should not be underestimated. 

Map out the potential pitfalls in your current process

Do you experience these frustrations when creating content in your organisation?

  • Content gets produced in different systems so there’s always a question of if the version you have is up to date
  • Traditional content editors like Word are unstructured so content is often provided in unsuitable length and needs to be edited before it can be used
  • We have to manually track the content status 
  • We have to jump between 4+ tools to get content produced (spreadsheets, word docs, email, IM, Trello/Asana/Basecamp…)
  • We have to manually chase for content to be delivered 
  • The process breeds relentless email chains

Can you quantify how much time these pitfalls add to your current process? On average, our customers estimate they save 30% of hours previously spent managing content operations, by implementing GatherContent. Use our Content Cost Calculator to calculate how many hours you could save. Aside from the potential financial savings you could see, communicate where that time could be better invested if your team was freed up by implementing a Content Operations Platform like GatherContent. 

Make an argument for - Why now?

When you quantify the time that goes into producing content and the additional time that your current process adds to this workload you can demonstrate to your boss how much more efficient you could be with a tool built to eradicate these challenges. Content has never been more important:

  • Quality content matters - Consumers are savvier than ever and so are search engines. For your content to perform well, it can’t merely exist - it needs to deliver value through quality.
  • Content needs to be produced faster - Audiences expect your services to respond quickly, digitally. Meet expectations by creating and delivering content without delays.
  • Demand for a greater volume of content - Audiences expect content to exist for all of your products and services, across multiple channels. A governance process to create, deliver, and maintain this growing volume of information is essential.

Pilot GatherContent with a free 30-day trial!

We offer a no credit card required, free 30-day trial so why not test GatherContent out for yourself to understand how much difference it can make to the way you manage content operations. During your free trial, review the pitfalls list you previously made - did these challenges still surface or has your process improved? Our friendly team are available to help you get set up every step of the way, if you have any questions, contact us

About the author

Becky Taylor

Becky is a Product Marketing Manager at GatherContent. She has 10+ years working in marketing executing affiliate, content, display, mobile, search and social campaigns for high profile clients across various sectors including Travel, Entertainment and Oil & Energy.

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