Product update: Import content from a spreadsheet

Angus Edwardson • 2 minutes

Over the past few weeks we’ve made some really big improvements when it comes to getting your content into GatherContent.

This makes it really quick to get set-up, and have all of your content neatly structured in one place. Without having to recruit an army of interns to copy and paste!

Put a workflow around that spreadsheet

As well as supporting CSV import, we now support most other forms and formats of spreadsheet. So you can import content as structured, templated content from CSV, XLSX, XLS or ODS files.

Importing content from a spreadsheet file will create a new Item in the project for every row in your spreadsheet. You can read this support article to learn more or also download an example spreadsheet to experiment with.

Pull in content from your CMS

As always, we’re constantly building out new CMS integrations. As we move forward with these, we’ll always be trying to support the importing content (to GatherContent from your CMS). .

Even if you’re not looking to use a CMS integration to get content into your new CMS or to govern ongoing content production – you can use all of our integrations as a quick and easy way to suck content out of an old website and then migrate it somewhere new. This can save you lots of time and money.

Right now you can sync content from all of our CMS integrations and do direct off-the-shelf imports with WordPress

APIs and URL scraping

You can of course use our public API to create various different import libraries. To make it easy to get started, we make all of our CMS integrations open source, and have the code available on our public GitHub repo.

Next up: URL scraping. We’re currently playing around with a prototype of a new import method that essentially scrapes an entire website and pulls all the content into GatherContent. This has been really fun to experiment with. You just need to enter a website’s address and you can import all the content as structured Items in GatherContent. In seconds. Yes.

We’re working on some configuration options for this at the moment, so you can specify the chunks of content you would like to import from the website, and how you want them imported. Get in touch if you’re interested in this functionality, or have any ideas for how you would like to see it work.

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